If you are running a restaurant, you want your customers to have a fantastic dining experience. While a lot of this is going to be dependent on the food you serve, you also want to remember the little details that make a restaurant special. For example, you want to have friendly staff, a spacious dining area and be family-friendly. Another detail you want to pay attention to is the design of your restaurant menu.

What does your restaurant menu look like? What kind of impression does it give you? These are questions you need to ask yourself. After all, a menu is more than just a way to communicate the dishes you offer. It is also a way to show your restaurant’s identity and to make a good lasting impression on first-time customers. Here are some tips to design an amazing restaurant menu.

Lay Out Like a Book

It may surprise you to know that a lot of research has been carried out on menus. After all, businesses want to make a profit from the dishes they offer. It has been found that customers like to read a menu like a book. In other words, they are going to start reading at the top left corner of the menu. So, this is something you need to remember when you are designing your menu. Begin by offering the starters at the top left and working through the courses like you would in a book. This can guide customers through your menu and make the dining experience easy.

Choose a Digital Printing Service

A lot of businesses try to cut corners and print out their restaurant menus themselves. But, this is not something that is recommended. Without spending a lot of money on printing equipment, you are not going to be able to create the same quality you want. The best thing you can do for your budget is to choose a digital printing service. A professional company is going to be able to offer your quality printing services that are going to produce what you need and save you money at the same time.

Use a Box Design

When you are offering a lot of dishes, it can be easy to make your customer feel overwhelmed. While having choice is a good thing and it means that you cater to everyone, you want your menu to be easy to read. A good way of separating information is by using a box design. This allows the different courses to be distinctive and easy for a customer to identify. You want customers to be able to find what they like to eat within a few minutes. Nobody wants to read a menu like a novel.

Keep Photos to a Minimum

A lot of restaurants make the mistake of showing a lot of photos on their menu. They think that they can make dishes appealing and entice customers to choose certain foods. But, there is minimal evidence to show that this tactic actually works. Instead, it can make the menu appear busy and more like a flier. You want your restaurant menu to be classy and show off your values as a business. So, the best thing you can do is keep photos to a minimum. Remember the saying, less is more. Leave your dishes to the imagination.

Omit the Currency Sign

There is a lot of research that is conducted on how to design a restaurant menu. This is something that you want to pay attention to as it is going to give you techniques and tips on how to be successful with yours. One piece of interesting research is that currency signs should be omitted. The reason behind this is that it can make customers very aware of what they are spending and put them off ordering certain means. However, if the currency sign is omitted, they are less likely to pay attention to prices.

Match Your Colours

Do not forget that your menu is a reflection of your restaurant. You want to pair it with your style and the rest of your décor. This is going to create a continuity that customers like and it can look more professional. So, think about your décor you have and use the same colours when you are designing the restaurant menu. Bold colours work well if you want to create a fun atmosphere. Alternatively, for a high dining experience, natural and a subtle colour are going to be good.