A lot of high resolution textures are used in modern web designing, textures add quality and beautify designs. Textures can sometimes be created from scratch using filters and other features of Photoshop. So, here you can find a variety of hair texture in this collection.

There are blond, brunet, red-haired, maroon, brown, green, purple, curly and many other hair texture. In this post I have collected very useful free hair textures for download. Download and use them for your designing and also don’t forget to thank the author.

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1. Hair Human

Hair Human

2. Brown Black Hair Texture Stock

Brown Black Hair Texture Stock

3. Hair Texture 02

Hair Texture 02

4. Brown Hair Texture Stock

Brown Hair Texture Stock

5. Hair Texture for Free

Hair Texture for Free

6. Dark Blonde Hair Texture

Dark Blonde Hair Texture

7. Macro Hair

Macro Hair

8. Download Free Hair Texture

Download Free Hair Texture

9. Blond Curls Hair Texture

Blond Curls Hair Texture

10. Red Hair Texture

Red Hair Texture

11. Fur Texture

Fur Texture

12. Red Hair Macro

Red Hair Macro

13. Texture Hair

Texture Hair

14. Hair Texture 04

Hair Texture 04

15. Brown Curls

Brown Curls

16. Green Hair Texture

Green Hair Texture

17. Dans Hair Purple

Dans Hair Purple

18. Free Brown Hair Texture for Download

Free Brown Hair Texture for Download

19. Hair Today – Texture

Hair Today – Texture

20. Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair

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