Photo manipulation has become an art form in itself. It allows artists to freely create an awesome piece of art by using stock images and editing them afterwards. With your creativity and imagination, you can manipulate any photograph the way you want!

So today, in this tutorial you can learn that how to manipulate pictures each together. This tutorial is very useful and awesome. In this tutorial you can learn many new techniques of Photoshop CS5. I hope you will like this tutorial and never forget to share your comments with us.

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Tutorial details:

  • Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 Mins

Fantasy Photo Manipulation Tutorial in Photoshop – Final Preview

Final Preview

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

External Resources

Photoshop Tools

  • Rectangle Marquee Tool
  • Eraser Tool

Lets start to create our photo manipulation tutorial in photoshop.

Step 1

Create a new document (Ctrl+N) with 1000×1000 of size.

Create New Document

Step 2

First of all I am going to add the Underpass Image in Photoshop.

Add Underpass Image

Press (Ctrl+T) to transform this image layer and expand to the whole canvas as like in preview.

Transform the Image

After transform the image we get this result.

Set Whole Canvas

Step 3

Its time to add the Water Image in photoshop to make a new effect, add the water image.

Add Water Image

Press (Ctrl+T) or go to Edit > Free Transform and expand the water image to the whole canvas.

Expand Water Image Layer

After set this image to the whole canvas we press enter button and get this result.

Get This Result

Now select the Eraser Tool from tool panel and erase the upper and sides area of this water image layer then we get a awesome new effect, as like in picture below.

Get Awesome Result

Step 4

Now I am going to add the Forest Image in adobe photoshop to cover the front whole area of image.

Add Forest Image

Select Eraser Tool again and erase the sides of this forest image layer, we get beautiful result.

Erase the Sides Area

Step 5

Now select the underpass image layer and press (Ctrl+J) to duplicate it and move this duplicate layer top of all the other layers.

Duplicate Underpass Layer

Go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical.

Transform This Layer

After flip vertical select the Rectangle Marquee Tool from tool panel and make a selection half upper area of this layer.

Make a Selection

After make selection hit Delete button to delete the selected area then press (Ctrl+D) to deselect the selection.

Delete the Selection Area

Now select the Eraser Tool and erase the sides area of this duplicate underpass layer.

Erase the Sides

After erase the sides set the Opacity to (30%) of this duplicate underpass layer to make a shadow in water of this underpass.

Set Down Opacity

Step 6

Now we are going to add the Boat Image in photoshop.

Add 1st Boat Image

Press (Ctrl+T) to transform the boat image layer and minimize the size of this layer.

Transform the Layer

After transform press enter and get this result.

After Minimize the Size

Select the Eraser Tool and erase the sides of boat layer as like in preview.

Erase the Sides of Boat Layer

Step 7

Now here we add the 2nd Boat Image to make our image more expansive.

Add 2nd Boat Image

Set this image left side of the canvas as like in picture below.

Set Left Side

Select the Eraser Tool ones more time and erase the sides of this 2nd boat image layer now here we get a awesome final preview.

Final Preview

Final Preview

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