We are happy to announce the completion of Chip Life 1.3.9. This is a complete reborn of Chip Life. We have worked hard in the smooth transition of Chip Life from an ordinary WordPress theme to Advanced WordPress Framework.

I am not going to introduce a complete list of Chip Life Hooks and Filters in its current release. I will introduce this with some practical examples in the Chip Life WordPress Framework documentation.

I am writing this post to introduce exciting new features of Chip Life WordPress Framework 1.3.9.

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Chip Life 1.3.9

1. Introduction of WordPress Hooks and Filters

There are 40+ actions and 40+ filters hooks in the Chip Life 1.3.9. This is an amazing advancement in the Chip Life which allows the WordPress developers to build the Child Themes at robust speed.

2. Fast Development of WP Child Themes with Chip Life

Chip Life 1.3.9 provides a fast track of WordPress Child Themes development. Chip Life offers flexibility, enhancement for font-end WordPress developers.

3. Chip Life New and Clean Look

We have made the Chip Life more beautiful by giving the clean look and introducing light-weight icons. Additionally, use of CSS3 has given a magnificent outlook to the Chip Life 1.3.9.

4. Eight New Sidebars

Default functionality of Chip Life has greatly enhanced by introducing 8 new sidebars. Among of these eight, there are 3 beautiful sidebars for footer widget.

5. New Chip Life Social Box Widget

There is new look and functionality of Chip Life Social Box widget. There are nine built-in social sites profiles.

New Chip Life Social Box Widget

6. Post Formats Support

Chip Life has given built-in support of 6 Post Formats i.e Aside, Link, Gallery, Status, Quote and Image. These post formats are beautifully styled in Chip Life 1.3.9 WordPress framework.

Chip Life Post Formats

7. Three Layout Styles – Global

We have tremendously increased the useability of Chip Life by adding the 3 built-in layout styles. You can easily switch between Content-Sidebar, Sidebar-Content and Content layout.

Chip Life Layout Options

8. Layout Styles – Post/Page Level

Chip Life WordPress Framework beautifully supports layout styles at Post and Page level individually. So you have an option to set different layouts for different Posts and Pages.

Chip Life Post and Page Layout

9. Goodby – Chip Get Image Plugin

We have dropped the dependency of Chip Get Image Plugin in Chip Life 1.3.9. Chip Life supports featured images more powerfully as compared to previous versions. It also gives freedom to child themes to use their own featured image.

Chip Life Featured Image

10. Comments and Trackbacks Control + Separation

We have added the power of switch on/off comments and trackbacks at Posts and Pages. Comments and Trackbacks have also be displayed separately.

Chip Life Comments Trackbacks

There are several other changes at code-base. Use Chip Life and enjoy the power of freedom with the maximum options at the simplest approach.

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