There are so many people who start their businesses online nowadays – and also so many free online business tools they could use to make faster and bigger profits.

But how to define what your business needs the most? Especially if you are on a small budget and can’t afford to hire a professional advertising agency to write you a proper strategy? And even if you know what aspects of the business you need help with the most, how do you decide which tools are the best for you?

To help, in this article you’ll find 8 small business tools and services that will help you create, improve and grow your fresh start-up from an idea to an actual business that brings profits.

Focused Collection

The main purpose of this online tool is to offer authentic photos that are collected by a whole international community. Therefore you can make a conclusion, that these photos are really different from each other and can fit into many different online businesses for various uses. You could either use it for article writing, cultural journalism, website design or even social media content creation.

A handy feature is that different collections are carefully curated – so it’s easier for you to find what you are looking for. Also, trending stock image categories make it easy to browse the website. It’s useful to see what’s trending at the moment because it can become a great source of inspiration for different kind of creative online businesses, especially for those who work with content creation.

Picking a Landing Page Builder

It’s hard to imagine a successful online business that doesn’t have a website. If an e-store and e-commerce isn’t something you are planning to get yourself into, then you’ll probably be choosing a landing page for your website. Unfortunately, hiring a programmer that can build a functional website is quite costly for young entrepreneurs and small businesses, especially startups.

Gladly nowadays we have quite a few lists of the best landing page builders and a lot of great pages with WordPress themes that let us objectively choose the best builders and themes for our businesses and easily compare their features, main pros, and cons before we start using it.

Bookmark Agency Program

Bookmark Agency Program is a Website Reseller Program with the opportunity to create a functional website with the help of artificial intelligence in no more than two minutes and a chance to choose between more than 700 different business types. The best thing is that the platform will do everything for you.

You can create and sell these websites to your clients, in fact that’s why this program was created. Every single one of your clients will have a separate account, but you will have full access to all of them with ability to edit the code and make changes later on.

Overall, this tool offers you an effective way of creating a much customized business without taking too long and spending too much of your budget.

Features also include a mobile-friendly layout that is crucial for any business that is starting off its path to fortune online. More interestingly, you can leverage an actual artificial intelligence that is capable of maximizing your early profits. You can also join Bookmark’s specialized platform for starting entrepreneurs – here you can discuss and learn from online courses.


As an entrepreneur and a small business online, you will want to find the best cloud storage that fits your individual needs, especially if your business is highly associated with visual content. Either way, most online businesses have some kind of photos or designs they need to safely store somewhere and access easily – more or less, depending on the business type.

The company pCloud is offering encrypted cloud storage with a 10 GB free space for those businesses that sign up on their website. With this tool, you can upload and access your files via computer using pCloud Drive or your smartphone. It’s also possible to work, add and remove the files while collaborating with a team. The tool also lets you access previous versions of your files.

Tools to improve your customer service

All kinds of tools and technologies can highly improve customer service which is very important, especially for startups. Therefore if you’ll have a great product or service and a great customer service, you are way more likely to get more positive reviews which will help you gain the trust of your future clients. And after some time, when you have much more clients, you’ll see that even the smallest change in user experience can affect your sales.

There are various tools you can use to increase the user experience on your website. It can be the simplest autoresponders that will make sure your client gets an answer or a redirection right away, chatbots that help consult your potential clients faster or you can go bigger and use such technologies like remarketing micro-conversions, and much more.


The Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer has the main feature of letting people create beautiful reviews about businesses that are more likely to get read by other potential customers in the future. It also has a customizable color scheme so that the tool can fit any brand or design. And to encourage your customers to leave reviews, this tool offers a possibility to send an email request to your clients and ask to write these reviews for your business. These emails can be easily scheduled by your demand.

Opinew also has rich snippets that might enhance your SEO significantly. More to it, if you have your business registered on e-commerce and dropshipping platforms like eBay, AliExpress or Amazon, Opinew can import your reviews from these platforms as well.


As a freshly started business with only a concept and a name, you will also need a logo. If you want to start fast with full design, website, and a logo, you can use a tool like 48hourslogo – it’s a logo contest website that will find you a logo designer and have the person create a logo for your business regarding your own requirements. The designs are done fast, really affordable, and you’ll also be giving a great chance for starting brilliant future logo designers to show off their work and create a real portfolio.

While visiting the website, you can see the latest contests and browse the contests by category. It’s a good feature for inspiration if you happen to have none of it at the moment and you need a logo designed as soon as possible.


Uncode – Creative WordPress Theme has great attention to details and is highly flexible for various modifications. With Uncode you will discover many useful features like Slides Scroll – it’s a toolset of options so that you can transform any page to an interesting presentation with slides. It also has Shape Dividers that lets you add stylish separators to your website, Gallery Manager that lets you create independent galleries, and even Animated Headings to make your website more dynamic.

Additionally, here you can use massive options like fully controlling the layouts and using the hierarchical system, use the advanced grid system that will bring your layouts to another level, and experience the flexibility of more than 50 different Uncode concepts.

Therefore, to kickstart an online business successfully, you surely need a few things, tools and services that you can easily find for free: a website builder, a great theme, and some efficient tools for a higher level of customer service – as much as 89% of shoppers claim that they have stopped buying from online stores after they have experienced poor customer service, so it’s important you don’t let your customer service slip out of hand.

Other important factors are visual content for your design and advertisement, a cloud to keep and share your files with your team, a proper logo, and most importantly – some good reviews and a proper tool for collecting and displaying it: and you’re off to a good start.