Microsoft office is having multiple versions which can be used for home or business purposes. But you may be confused about choosing the best version of the MS Office to be used on your computer. in this article, we will discuss each and every version of MS Office, opt for the appropriate version which is best for you. Basically, MS Office is divided into two categories, either for the home user and another for business users. Even few versions are available which can be used by both home and office users. So you need to choose between MS Office Professional Plus vs Home and Business.

Guide to Get Microsoft Office Versions

Microsoft Office can be downloaded online and can be activated instantly on your computer. We would recommend you to download it from Softwarekeep, where you will be able to find all the versions of Microsoft Office for your device. You can either choose the monthly subscription office version which is Microsoft Office 365. The major feature of this version is that you will get all the upcoming updates of the MS Office within the package for free.

Additional 1TB of OneDrive storage space is offered to the users for the subscription period. In case you want to buy MS Office by one-time purchase, then you should get the full version according to your choice in your computer. MS Office is supported in Windows PC, Mac Computer and smartphone devices. But you need to know about the version of the software which can be used in your computer.

If you are using Windows PC, then your device may be using 32 bit or 64-bit software. So you need to choose the MS Office version according to this. You can always check the version of the operating system you are using, select the appropriate version of MS Office according to that.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus

Microsoft Office Professional Plus is one of the most used version now MS Office. This version of MS Office includes all the core applications, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint. It also includes MS Outlook, MS Access business applications for MS Office. You will also get services like cloud storage by OneDrive and Skype for business VoIP calls and HD video calling. MS Office Professional Plus is mainly focused on large business users with multiple employees.

Apart from that, you will also get MS Publisher, which is one of the best application for creating publication documents in your device. This version of the MS Office can be controlled by the administrator, and can remotely control all the employee accounts. This version also gives the ability to control any virtual machine as long as it is connected to a similar network. You can even use the voicemail feature in Skype for business, which is not available in most of the MS Office versions.

With the help of MS Access, you can easily manage the database of your business and organize and manage your employee accounts easily. MS SharePoint is integrated into MS Outlook which will help you to share documents among others using a similar version of MS Office.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019

Microsoft Office home and business 2019 is the best version for both home and business users. Just like any other MS Office versions, this version is also having all the core applications of office. Although in this version OneNote is replaced by MS Outlook. You will also get 60 days of Microsoft support for free, and it is available for one-time purchase at $371.92. You can only use this version of MS Office in a single PC and will provide a digital license to activate the product in your device.

There are no frequent updates available for this version of the MS Office, although you will get several security patches which will help you keep the documents secure. Skype for business is excluded from this version of MS Office, but you will get the MS SharePoint integration in the MS Outlook which is one of the major reason to choose this version of MS Office. This is one of the commonly used versions of MS Office as it does not bulk up its contained by unnecessary applications in the package. We will definitely recommend you to select this version if you are using in both home and business purpose.


Compare yourself according to the details provided to you as per the Office Professional Plus and home and business versions of MS Office. In this article we have provided all the available details of MS Office, to make your decision easy to choose them for your preference. We have collected the complete information from Microsoft support and posted them in our website TutorialChip for you. Share this innovative article with others, so that they get to choose the best MS Office version.