AJAX Validation Contact Form

20 Useful jQuery Contact Forms Tutorials

Contact forms are an important part of every website. A contact form is very helpful in giving your visitors a way to contact you. These tutorials will help you on how to create your own jQuery contact form using jQuery. Here are 20 jQuery contact forms covering everything that you would think of related to form styling with the powerful jQuery.

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1. Form Validation Using jQuery

Form Validation Using jQuery

2. Using jQuery and Ajax to Validate Forms

Using jQuery and Ajax to Validate Forms

3. JavaWeb Email Contact Form

JavaWeb Email Contact Form

4. Unique Contact Form

Unique Contact Form

5. Contact JQuery Plugin

Contact JQuery Plugin

6. AJAX Fancy Captcha Form

AJAX Fancy Captcha Form

7. WordPress and jQuery Contact Form

WordPress and jQuery Contact Form

8. jQuery Contact Form

jQuery Contact Form

9. JQuery Highlight Plugin

JQuery Highlight Plugin

10. AJAX, JQuery and PHP Contact Form

AJAX JQuery and PHP Contact Form

11. LightForm


12. AJAX Contact Form With Captcha

AJAX Contact Form With Captcha

13. AJAX Validation Contact Form

AJAX Validation Contact Form

14. jQuery Advanced Form Validation

jQuery Advanced Form Validation

15. Fancy Contact Form

Fancy Contact Form

16. New JQuery Contact Form

New JQuery Contact Form

17. In-Field Labels jQuery Plugin

In-Field Labels jQuery Plugin

18. jqTransform


19. A jQuery inline form Validation

A jQuery inline form Validation

20. Drop Down Box Likes Twitter with jQuery

Dropdown Box Likes Twitter with jQuery

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  1. Thanks for sharing this designed contact forms.Really i need this forms.

  2. Not bad but they are not responsive design. If anyone is interested, you can get forms like these made responsive. In other words, they look good on all screen sizes from an iPod to a wide screen tv or projection screen.

    There are 6 great contact forms to choose from, all with security captchas and all made with responsive design.

    You can find it her: http://templatz.co/contact-forms.php

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