Postcards are perhaps one of the best marketing tool for every business. Whats more interesting and clicking about a postcard is that it is accessible, succinct and can be reserved as a reminder. Cool postcard designs can easily attract the interest of potential market. When designing, consider the choice of color, typography, and image to use, together with the type of message to want to send across and audience. That is why for your inspiration, I have compiled a list of 20 cool postcard designs. Hope this list can help to boost inspiration for your next time postcard printing. Enjoy!

For more resources please see:

1. Love in the Sea

Love in the Sea

2. Free Postcard Design

Free Postcard Design

3. Postcard Design

Postcard Design

4. Jullian Rusch – Branding

Jullian Rusch - Branding

5. Dough Postcards

Dough Postcards

6. CHINALAND! – Postcard

CHINALAND! - Postcard

7. MM Conference

MM Conference

8. Letterpress Spring Postcards Set

Letterpress Spring Postcards Set

9. 2012 Southeast Tech Portfolio Show Campaign

2012 Southeast Tech Portfolio Show Campaign

10. Postcard Flyer

Postcard Flyer

11. CU*TS Letterpress Postcard

CU*TS Letterpress Postcard

12. Mariana Bianchini – Postcard

Mariana Bianchini - Postcard

13. LOA+DS Education Workshops Guide A2Poster

LOA+DS Education Workshops Guide A2Poster

14. Postcard Design – Triumph Int

Postcard Design - Triumph Int

15. Operation Wallace Promotional Postcard Design

Operation Wallace Promotional Postcard Design

16. Landscape Design Postcard

Landscape Design Postcard

17. Amazing Postcards Design

Amazing Postcards Design

18. Holiday Stars – Postcard

Holiday Stars - Postcard

19. Easter Postcard

Easter Postcard

20. Cool Postcard Design

Cool Postcard Design

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.