Any kind of event such as conference, charity event, festival, fair are special occasions that do need to be highly advertised. The idea is not only to show you beautiful and well designed websites but also conferences, talks and places where you can go to get inspiration and to meet people. There are plenty of events and conferences around the world every year. A lot of them are business related so their websites tend to be designed too well.

However, today we are featuring 25 superb event web designs examples for inspiration. At the bottom of the post we have also highlighted some events that have now passed, but purely based on their web design they have also been included. You can also convert your existing website design to mobile web design by using dudamobile platform. If you like these designs you might also want to check out our previous posts: grid based websites, hospital website designs and shopping cart websites.

1. UX Fundamentals

UX Fundamentals

2. Build Conference

Build Conference

3. Frontend2011


4. Luton Science Fair

Luton Science Fair

5. HDLive


6. Full Frontal

Full Frontal

7. Drupalcampatlanta


8. BarCamp Bordeaux

BarCamp Bordeaux

9. UX London

UX London

10. Webvisionary Awards

Webvisionary Awards

11. Busesatthebrewery


12. WebExpo Prague 2011

WebExpo Prague 2011

13. FutureM


14. Hull Digital Question Time

Hull Digital Question Time

15. Dartstlouis


16. Carnivale du vin

Carnivale du vin

17. TEDxAthens


18. The Do Lectures

The Do Lectures

19. Amped


20. Frozen Rails

Frozen Rails

21. Digital Podge

Digital Podge

22. ifperformance


23. Flow Festival

Flow Festival

24. Festival Mode Design

Festival Mode Design

25. Theevnt