The icon is on one of the first thing a user sees of a new mobile app. One of the most important design tasks involved in the creation of an Apple iOS app is coming up with a creative and unique icon for it. The iOS platform, for one, is known for placing a higher premium on aesthetics and a zealous attention to detail.

iOS icons that stand out from the rest for being beautifully designed, brilliantly colorful, and wonderfully unique. I want to dedicate this showcase to some amazing iPhone and iPad app icons. Below are 150+ examples of great App Icons for the iOS platform. I highly recommend taking a peek to draw out your own creativity.

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1. 9 Apple iOS Icons PSD

Apple iOS Icons PSD

2. 3 Nintendo iOS Icons

Nintendo iOS Icons

3. 2 iOS Icons PSD

2 iOS Icons PSD

4. Nikon Camera iOS Icon

Nikon Camera iOS Icon

5. 25 Wii iOS Icons

Wii iOS Icons

6. Cool iOS Icon

Cool iOS Icon

7. Photoforge2


8. Maps Icon + Timelapse

Maps Icon + Timelapse

9. Compass Icon Design

Compass Icon Design

10. App Icon Idea

App Icon Idea

11. Radar Icon

Radar Icon

12. uKontroll App Icon

uKontroll App Icon

13. Record iOS Icon

Record iOS Icon

14. 3 Personal Portfolio iOS Icons

3 Personal Portfolio iOS Icons

15. 99 App Tab Bar Icons for iOS

99 App Tab Bar Icons for iOS

16. Canon EOS 5D Mark II for iOS

Canon EOS 5D Mark II for iOS

17. Fruit Punch iOS App Icon

Fruit Punch iOS App Icon

18. Turntable iOS Icon

Turntable iOS Icon

19. Mix iOS Icons

Mix iOS Icons

20. Drink Carryall iOS Icon

Drink Carryall iOS Icon

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