Photoshop smoke typography looks very interesting, beautiful and amazing. Today, i am going to share Photoshop Smoke Text in 10 easy steps within a short span of ten minutes only. I hope, you will enjoy it with a new edge of learning. Here’s another easy text tutorial using Adobe InDesign. Take a look.

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Photoshop Smoke Text Tutorial Final Preview

Photoshop Smoke Text Tutorial

Tools and Resources

Tools & Resources

We will use following tools and resources to complete this tutorial.

Let’s start to create our stunning smoking text.

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop, and create a new Photoshop document. I am going to create a new document of 520 x 500 px with white background.

Photoshop Smoke Text Tutorial

Step 2

Create a new layer and name it “Smoke Back”. Fill it with the color #000000 and apply the following blending options to this layer.

Gradient Overlay

  • Blend Mode: Normal
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Gradient: #223f59 (Location: 0%), #120a0a (Location: 100%)
  • Style: Radial
  • Angle: 90
  • Scale: 100%
Gradient Overlay

Step 3

Let’s write some text. Text tool will create a new layer above the “Smoke Back” layer. My text settings are,

Text Tool

  • Font: Myriad Pro
  • Weight: Regular
  • Size: 120 pt
Smoke Text

Step 4

I am going to “Rasterize” text layer in order to apply some effects. Let’s have the following steps.

Rasterize Type

  • Right Click on text layer.
  • Click on “Rasterize Type”. It will rasterize type layer. You can make duplicate of this layer as a backup because you will be unable to edit text after rasterizing.

Motion Blur Filter

  • Apply Motion Blur Filter: Filter > Blur > Motion Blur
  • Angle: 90
  • Distance: 10
Motion Blur Filter

Step 5

I am going to apply Wave Filter to give a realistic smoke effect,

Wave Filter

  • Apply Wave Filter: Filter > Distort > Wave
  • Number of Generators: 5
  • Wavelength: Min. 10, Max. 250
  • Amplitude: Min. 5, Max. 15
  • Scale: Horiz. 100%, Vert. 100%
Wave Filter

Step 6

Create a new layer above the “SMOKE” layer. Name this layer “Clouds”. Let’s proceed to complete Step 6.

Clouds Filter

  • Apply Clouds Filter: Filter > Render > Clouds
  • Blending Options: Color Dodge
Clouds Filter

Step 7

Now we will create some smokes by using “Qbrushes: Smoke Brush Set“. Create a new layer above the “SMOKE” text layer. Name this layer “Smoke Brush”, and try to create the following smoke effect as close as possible. I have used “150 – 300 px” different brush strokes to create the following effect.

Smoke Brush

Step 8

Select the “Dodge Tool”, and apply it on the adjacent places of text and smoke. You can also apply some dodge effect on the tips of smoke. Here is the preview of Step 8 after applying Dodge Tool effect.

Dodge Tool

Step 9

Create a new layer above the “Smoke Back” layer. Name this layer “Texture”. Fill this layer with #000000 color and do as follows,

Grain Texture Filter

  • Grain Texture: Filter > Texture > Grain
  • Intensity: 50
  • Contrast: 40
  • Grain Type: Vertical

Set the Layer Opacity to 20%

Grain Texture

Step 10

Let’s make our text more Smokey. Select the “SMOKE” text layer and do as follows.

  • Tool: Eraser Tool
  • Brush Type: Soft Round Brush
  • Size: 30 px

Carefully erase the text to bring a more smokey effect. We have done our Photoshop Smoke Text Tutorial in 10 easy steps.

Photoshop Smoke Text Tutorial

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