A SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module is a portable memory chip used in some models of cellular telephones. So today in this tutorial, I will try to deliver a technique that will help you to create sim card using a very simple and easy techniques. I hope you will like this tutorial. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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Tutorial details:

  • Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 Mins

Download source file:

Create a Sim Card in Photoshop – Final Preview

Final Preview

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Photoshop Tools

  • Rounded Rectangle Tool
  • Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • Gradient Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Line Tool
  • Text Tool

Lets start to create a Sim card in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1

Create a new document (Ctrl+N) 600×500 of size.

Create New Document

Step 2

Select Rounded Rectangle Tool from tool panel create a rectangle with black color #000000 set radius (20%).

Create a Rectangle

Go to Layer > Layer Style applying some Blending Options.

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow

Bevel and Emboss

Bevel and Emboss

Gradient Overlay

Gradient Overlay

After applying these blending options we get nice effect on rectangle layer.

Get Nice Effect

Step 3

Create again a rectangle of black color #000000 with Rounded Rectangle Tool radius (20%).

Create Small Rectangle

Now I am going to applying some Blending Options to the second rectangle layer.

Bevel and Emboss

Bevel and Emboss

Gradient Overlay

Gradient Overlay



After applying these blending options we get cool effect on this rectangle layer.

Get Cool Small Rectangle

Step 4

Select Line Tool and draw a line with black color as like in preview.

Create a Line with Black Color

Duplicate the line layer and set duplicate layer down side as like in picture below.

Duplicate it and Set Downside

Step 5

Select again Line Tool and draw a line with black color #000000.

Create Another Line

Duplicate this line and set it right side as like shown image below.

Duplicate and Set Right Side

Now select both small lines and merge them (Ctrl+E) then duplicate it and adjust it downside as like in preview.

Duplicate Line

Step 6

Select Line Tool ones more time and create a vertical line with black color #000000.

Create a Vertical Line

Duplicate this vertical line and adjust it right side like shown picture below.

Duplicate Vertical Line

Step 7

Create a small horizontal line of black color #000000 with Line Tool.

Create a Horizontal Line

Duplicate this horizontal line and adjust it upper side as like in preview.

Duplicate it and Set Upper Side

Step 8

Now one by one applying Bevel and Emboss each line.

Bevel and Emboss Each Line

When we applying bevel and emboss all the line layers we get new effect on these line layers.

Get New Effect

Step 9

Create a new layer select the Pen Tool and draw a path as like in picture below.

Create a Path

After creating a path right click on path and select (Make Selection) option.

Make a Selection

Fill the selection with white color #ffffff.

Fill Selection

After filling the selection set this layer behind small rectangle layer.

Set Downside

Step 10

Now minimize the opacity of this filling layer (10%).

Set Opacity

Step 11

Now select the Text Tool from tool panel and write the text on red rectangle layer as line in picture below.

Write Text on Left Side

Step 12

Resterize the big red rectangle layer select Polygonal Lasso Tool and make a selection as like in preview.

Make a Selection

Hit the delete button to delete the area to complete our sim card here as like in final preview.

Final Preview

Final Preview

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